Experience – Commitment – Humble Service

During his career, Jim Bobeck has served our community as a legislator, attorney advocate, and judge.  Now Jim wants to put his proven experience to work as a Luzerne County Judge.  Please read on…

More than a decade ago, Luzerne County saw tremendous changes with the formation of a new government. Your County needed humble, public servants who put the residents of Luzerne County first.  

Jim Bobeck answered the call to serve our County by leading the charge as Luzerne County transitioned to home rule government. Jim served as the first chairperson of County council, working to establish new rules, ethics, and policies that now have helped Luzerne County become a transparent and financially stable government. 

With more than 18 years of legal experience, Jim has worked as Law Judge presiding over more than 10,000 court proceedings for more than a decade. He wrote over 1,000 judicial opinions.  Jim’s legal background, proven history of service to Luzerne County, and humble hunger to serve are why Jim is asking for your support. 

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